Irish Inter-varsity  Junior Championship

The ‘Juniors’  is where most new boxers make their fight debut. Entry is restricted to boxers with 5 or less bouts on their card. The normal duration of a bout is 3 rounds with each round being of 1.5 minutes duration. Each college may enter one boxer in each of the 12 weights used. 5 points are awarded to the winner of a weight division, 3 points to the runner up and 1 to each of the beaten semi-finalists.

Irish Inter-Varsity Senior Championship

The ‘Seniors’ are usually held in early February. The competition is divided into 2 classes each with 12 weight divisions , student class for boxers with 15 bouts or less and open class for anyone with more. The Championship is decided on points gained in the student class only. Points are awarded to colleges in the same manor as the juniors above. In practice , most of the entries are in the student class with only a handful of entries in open class in each year.

Trinity recently went on a 7 year winning streak in this competition, the aim for 2012 is to start a new era of dominance.

Trinity vs UCD ‘Colours’

The history of rivalry between Trinity and UCD make this the most exciting night of the year, we all know Trinity is far superior in every way but once a year we are forced to prove it with our fists!

This competition is run on a match up basis, with no restriction on numbers boxing in a particular division. Each boxer will only box one bout against a boxers who is a good match for him , both in terms of experience and weight. So it is a great opportunity to have your first fight and become a hero infront of all your classmates.

Because we host it in the old Exam Hall in Front Square, Colours has a truly unique and fantastic atmosphere! Great to watch and even better to fight in.

British and Irish University and Hospitals Championships

The British and Irish Chamionships (B&I) also known as the Harry Preston trophy is held at the beginning of March each year. The college with the highest aggregate points total wins the right to hold onto the Harry Preston Trophy for the year. Like the seniors this competition is divided into student and open classes. There is also a womens section

Trinity vs Oxford and Trinity vs Cambridge                                                                          Last contested in 2009 and 2007 respectively after long breaks dating back to the 1960’s these used to be a regular fixtures. Like the Colours match the clubs attempt to match boxers up into bouts that are as equal “on paper” as possible. In practice this means matching boxers on both weight and experience. Unlike Colours however it is unlikely that novices will be given their first fights in such matches, National as well as University pride is at stake!

Other Competitions

In general, the number of other competitions boxed by members of the club varies from year to year. Some years, some of the other colleges may run their own invitational tournaments (Often mainly for novices) and may invite some TCD boxers to take part. A number of boxers in recent years have also boxed at various club competitions at national and provincial level including the Leinster novices National/Leinster Intermediates and National/Leinster Seniors.